Welcome to the Geomatica Python Cookbook!

Welcome to PCI’s Geomatica Python Cookbook. An online resource for Geomatica’s Python Community.

Geomatica’s python library offers geospatial developers and solution providers with a powerful set of remote sensing, photogrammetry, image processing, image analysis and information extraction tools.

This cookbook is great for new users looking to familiarize themselves with Geomatica’s python library and common workflows. It is also a great resource for more advanced users, as it contains useful code snippets that can be easily “plugged in” to a python script.


  • Geomatica 2016 or newer. The most recent Geomatica version is available from our downloads page: http://www.pcigeomatics.com/trygeomatica
    • If you are installing Geomatica for the first time, this installation comes with a trial license.
  • Python 2.7.X 64bit (automatically installs with Geomatica)

Geomatica Python Recipes

Contributors & Special Thanks

Author: Shawn Melamed & Sarah Thompson

PCI Geomatics would like to extend a special thanks to the following contributors:

  • PCI Development Team for developing the functions and objects
  • Michael Goldberg for helping with the documentation
  • Mauro Scatozza for getting the GitHub project launched
  • Cristina Goring for helping edit scripts and documentation

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